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Omega Hot & Cold Table Top Water Dispenser - K52C

Direct Pipe-In to water source. High Efficiency Compressor Cooling. Stainless Steel Hot / Cold Water Tank. 4 Stages Advanced Alkaline Process System. Make instantly your favorite Hot or Cold drinks. Pure hot or cold water at the touch of a button. Low Noise Operations. European Technology. FEATURES Hot And Cold Water Dispenser With 4 Stage Filter - Floor Standing Aqua Kent hot and cold water dispenser comes with a built in 4 stage Advanced filter system connected direct to water source.Unlike conventional office water dispensers, Aqua Kent dispensers makes water better than bottled quality water and saves the hassle of replacing and wasting storage space of expensive 5 Gallons water bottles, which may be tampered with.It is suitable for homes, offices, showrooms, institutions, hotels and more… High Efficiency Compressor for Fast Cooling Aqua Kent dispensers has a high capacity compressor for fast cooling of purified water.It supplies cold water for making cold beverages, iced tea, etc. Equally Suitable For Water From All Sources Such As Overhead Tanks Or Tap Water. Aqua Kent Water Dispensers incorporates an advanced WQA & NSF certified 4 stage filtration system thus giving users the purest water. Fully Automatic Operation With Auto Start And Auto Off. Fully automatic operation allows trouble free operation without the need of manual intervention. Built In SMPS That Supports Wide Range Of Input Voltage (200-240V AC) For Handling Voltage Fluctuations. Aqua Kent dispensers incorporates a built-in rugged SMPS (Switching Mode power supply) instead of a standard power adaptor this enables the Dispenser to stay resilient towards frequent power fluctuations. Corrosion Free Stainless Steel Tank With full stainless steel tank, Aqua Kent dispensers are totally corrosion free and has a long durable life. Non- Breakable , ABS Plastic Construction. Non-breakable feature of ABS plastic ensures higher durability & longer life of the water dispenser. Tags: aqua kent.water dispenser, hot and cold water dispenser, penapis air panas dan sejuk

Price : RM 1599 RM 1199

Omega Hot & Cold Water Dispenser - K52

Aerodynamics and aesthetics blend seamlessly in this line of casually sophisticated Scuderia Ferrari timepieces. Designed to hit the racetrack in sleek, wind-deflecting style, Aerodinamico features an integrated, ventilated silicone strap molded to echo the design of the diffuser on the Scuderia Ferrari single-seater. Its masculine 46mm TR90 thermoplastic chassis reveals a distinctive stepped case design with curved rectangular contours..

Price : RM 1899 RM 1299

Omega Hot And Cold Table Top Water Dispenser AQ50-2C

Capturing all the thrills of race day with its tire-design crown, Pit Crew adds new 3-hand bracelet models with bold links made of silicon-wrapped TR90, a high tech thermoplastic composite prized for its light weight and rich color. New designs feature graphic new stylized stripe straps suggested by an aerial view of the Abu-Dhabi Ferrari World theme park, or the Racing Shield logo on the strap upper half, mimicking the position of the shield on the sides of the racing cars.

Price : RM 1599 RM 1199

Fully Stainless Steel Cold & Cold Economy Water Cooler

Available from next week on our Worldwide online store for all our customers. Available on our US online store in the beginning of July.

“Scuderia”, Ferrari's most classic watch line, boasts a timeless style with traditional male details, including its 44 mm case.

Price : RM 1999 RM 1699

Omega Hot Normal Cold Floor Standing Water Dispenser AQ50-3F

Proudly invoking the past, the name of this Scuderia Ferrari watch collection pays tribute to the single-seater that brought the Driver’s World Championship to Maranello in 1956. The distinctively thin 44 mm D-50 case features fluidly elongated lugs and a glare-reducing domed crystal, popular in wristwatches from that era.

Price : RM 1599 RM 1299

Omega Smart RO + UV Hot And Cold Water Dispenser Built In Water Purifier

In 2013, Gran Premio premiered as a pinnacle family of automatic timepieces inspired by the high-performance 2005 FXX car. New quartz-powered 3-hand and chronograph models on strap and bracelet join this distinguished family. The diamond pattern on the new leather strap was inspired by the pattern on the vented steering wheel of another venerated race car.

Price : RM 2699 RM 2299